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Handling of Personal Information

  1. 1. Name of Business Operator, and Title, Department and Contact Information of Personal Information Protection Manager
    DH Co., Ltd.
    Personal Information Protection Manager: Administrative personnel (in charge of compliance)
    Contact: Omoide Bldg, 6-1-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  2. 2. Purposes of Use
    Pursuant to Article 18, paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and JIS Q15001, DH Co., Ltd. ("DH") publicly announces that it shall use personal information only to the extent necessary for the following purposes.
    Customer information shall be used to:
    (1) explain about products and services handled by DH;
    (2) sell DH's products, provide its services and send its products;
    (3) conduct questionnaire surveys with the aim of improving the quality of services handled by DH;
    (4) verify the identity of users or identify individuals as needed, to sign in to services for members provided by DH or for other uses;
    (5) provide services incidental to or associated with (1) through (4) above or contact customers regarding such services; or
    (6) respond to enquiries and requests from customers.

    Information concerning business partners shall be used to:
    (1) perform such business operations under a contract between DH and the relevant business partner;
    (2) contact business partners concerning business operations;
    (3) deliver or receive information or goods; or
    (4) introduce personnel of a business partner to another business partner of DH (a third party).

    Inquirer Information
    (1)respond to enquiries and requests

    If there arises a need to use personal information beyond the extent necessary for the purposes clearly indicated or publicly announced in advance, DH shall use such information with the consent of the person concerning the personal information.
  3. 3. Provision to Third Parties
    DH shall not disclose or provide personal information of customers to any third parties, unless:
    (1) the customer has provided consent;
    (2) such disclosure or provision is required by law;
    (3) such disclosure or provision is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent; or
    (4) DH hands over its business due to merger, divestiture, transfer of operations or any other causes.
  4. 4. Entrustment
    DH may entrust the handling of personal information to an entity only to the extent necessary to achieve relevant purposes.
    In such case, DH shall sign such non-disclosure agreement as it shall designate as a standard, and shall ensure that personal information shall be fully protected.
  5. 5. Notice, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, discontinuation, erasure, or right to refuse provision of the purpose of using personal information
    A person who has provided his or her personal information to DH may request DH to notify, disclose, correct, add or delete, discontinue the use of, erase, or discontinue the provision to a third party of, the purpose of using such personal information. Details of specified procedures shall be available at the contact point for complaints/consultation and enquiries about personal information described below in 11.
    Such request shall only be made by the person himself or herself in principle. Any such request by a person under age may have to be made by his or her parent or guardian depending on the content of the personal information.
    If any of the following items (a), (b) and (c) applies to the person making such request, DH shall not discontinue the use of his or her personal information, and in such case, shall then notify the person to that effect without delay and explain the reason therefor; in the event that discontinuing the use of the personal information may:
    (a) harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party;
    (b) impede the proper conduct of business operations by the business operator in a significant manner; or
    (c) constitute a violation of laws or regulations.
  6. 6. Voluntary provision
    Provision of personal information shall be on a voluntary basis, but if compulsory questions are left unanswered, DH may not be able to respond to enquiries or provide services.
  7. 7. Use of Cookies
    Some web pages of DH's services use cookies.
    (1) DH may use information obtained from cookies to analyze the use of its services and to ensure the proper provision of the services.
    (2) With regard to services for registered members, information obtained from cookies may be linked to other information that can identify individual customers, for the purpose of offering personalized services.
  8. 8. Matters to notify when personal information is obtained by methods other than directly from the person in writing
    No matters shall be required to be notified.
  9. 9. Indemnity
    DH shall not be responsible for keeping personal information of customers safe on any website linked from the site of DH's services, and customers shall check the security of such websites on their own. Customers shall also keep their passwords and registration information safe on their own responsibility, and shall handle information with sufficient care while connected to the Internet.
  10. 10. Revision
    A revision shall be made to this page, "Handling of Personal Information," from time to time in order to enhance the protection of personal information of customers or in the event of establishment or amendment of laws and regulations. DH recommends that customers shall check the most recently updated content on a regular basis.
    DH may revise all or part of this page, "Handling of Personal Information." Any material change shall be notified on the AKB48 Group website.
  11. 11. Complaints/consultations and enquiries regarding personal information
    Any person may contact the following contact point for enquiries regarding his or her personal information, or the protection of personal information in general.

    Contact Point for Personal Information at DH Co., Ltd.
    *The contact point above deals with complaints/consultations and enquiries regarding personal information concerning the inquirer, and no other enquiries shall be accepted.

    1. Supplementary Provisions Established and came into effect on April 5, 2013
      Revised on December 19, 2013
      Revised on May 16, 2014
      Revised on November 20, 2015
      Revised on February 2, 2018
      Revised on July 2, 2019
      Revised on April 1, 2020
      Revised on April 28, 2021
      DH Co., Ltd.

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