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  • その他 12/27,2017(Wed.)
    About the application acceptance by Member of the AKB48 group ticket Center STU48Mobile

    You cheer the AKB48 group more thank you very much, thank you.
    More money will start accepting the AKB48 group ticket Center in your request, thank you very much, STU48Mobile members pane.
    Be given to the future, theater performances and concerts, and applying for various types of events.
    For more information, please check the following.

    Available * STU48Mobile membership to theatre performances and concerts and introduce from time to time about various events.
    ? How to use of STU48Mobile members
    Before you participate in STU48Mobile member of AKB48 group ticket Center in the following process is required.
    -AKB48 group service registration (free of charge).
    ? STU48 Mobile membership fee to register.
    AKB48 group service member's membership rights registration (associated member)

    * AKB48 group service member's membership rights (associated member), we will initiate payment 12/27/2017 (Wednesday) 21:00 since.
    For more information, please visit the AKB48 group ticket Center user guide.
    ? each Fanclub site paid membership rights registration

    And people are not getting the AKB48 group ID:

    -Get the AKB48 group IDs already:
    ? contact us
    ○ about AKB48 group ticket Center contact us
    "AKB48 group ticket Center
    ○ contact STU48 Mobile
    -"STU48 Mobile Management Office.
    ○ enquiries STU48
    -"STU48 Management Office.
    Stay we look forward very much.

    In the future, the support of STU48 and the AKB48 group thank you. AKB48 group ticket Center

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