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  • その他 4/14,2017(Fri.)
    Announcement of the AKB48 group ticket Center electronic ticketing

    Currently, it is an electronic ticket introduced at the NGT 48 theater, but it was also a fun way to introduce it at the concert event. First of all, "let's go to the whole country, SKE 48 47 prefectures nationwide tour ripe!" 5/6 (Saturday) Shiga Performance · 5/7 (Sunday) From Nara Performance, in addition to the currently operated convenience store ticket, We
    will introduce electronic tickets. As a celebration of the release of the application this time, I will be happy to use the opportunity by all means because the commission of electronic ticket issuance is free.

    (* It will be 108 yen (including tax) per ticket from next time) In the future, we plan to introduce the other performances sequentially, but we will do better system refurbishment and service improvement while receiving customer's voice, but in the future we will be able to use the ticket issuing function only We are considering providing services that can

    only be done by adding applications such as plus Alpha functions.

    For details, please check the following.
    Electronic tickets will be added as a way to receive tickets at the AKB 48 Group Ticket Center. With the electronic ticket, you can receive the purchased tickets with the application, and on the day of the performance you can enter the presentation on the screen of the smartphone. You can receive tickets at any time after ticketing starts, there is no need to worry about ticketing trouble or loss, and forgetting the tickets on t

    He day.
    Electronic ticket application
    · Name: AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application
    · Provider: EMTG Co., Ltd.
    · Delivery schedule date: App Store, Google Play scheduled to be available late April 2017 · Application fee: Application downloading is free, but as a ticketing fee, 108 yen (including tax) per ticket is necessary (Ticketing fee

    will be free for the first targeted performance, but a fee will be charged from the next time onward)
    Compatible terminal · Operating environment
    · AKB 48 Group Ticket Center The electronic ticket application is [Smartphone only]. * When making an application, we do not ask any device terminal, but as a ticketing function it will be exclusively for smartphone. (It is possible to receive the performance application at the feature phone terminal and receive the ticketing application on the smartphone
    Terminal) · Limited to smartphones with a call function, with a cellular phone number contracted in Japan that starts with 090, 080, 070 that can connect
    to the Internet.
    · You can use it on Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher (some smartphones are not compatible) · It can not be used with the App Store, and cheap SIM smartphone smartphone not compatible with Google Play, smartphone without SMS function
    provided with MVNO.

    · Please note that it can not be used with personal computers, feature phones and tablet terminals, smartphones easy-to-use, and Garraho.
    Initial introduction target performance "SKE 48 47 prefectural national tour-machine ripe. Let's go to the whole country!
    · May 6th (Sat) Shiga Performance (day and night performance)
    · 7th (Sun) Nara performance

    * We will introduce introduction by other performances one by one
    How to Use
    (1) Access the AKB 48 group ticket center and apply for the corresponding performance.
    (2) In the "Payment/receipt method" in the application step, choose to receive by electronic ticket. (3) After ticket application, there is a ticket issuance when winning by lottery result.
    After that, we will receive a ticket at the electronic ticket application 'AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application'. * For the electronic ticket application, download the application "AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application" provided by EMTG Corporation on the App Store, Google Play.
    (Scheduled to start delivery at the end of April 2017) * Application downloading is possible at any time even before application or ticketing notice guidance, but you can not receive tickets unless you
    Download the application.
    * Electronic tickets can be received anytime anywhere after ticketing begins (4) On the day of the performance, and present the screen of the smartphone to the hall staff.
    You can enter the ticket screen by pressing an electronic stamp.
    * "pushing an electronic stamp"on the smart screen corresponds to a paper ticket"squeeze a half ticket" * When you visit with the accompanying guest, please be sure to bring together the representative and accompanying guest.

    (You can not enter each one separately)
    Other · In addition to ordinary convenience store tickets, electronic tickets are accepted for receiving tickets. If you select an electronic ticket, download the special application "AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application" scheduled to be
    distributed in late April 2017. · AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Electronic tickets can not be used at each theater of the AKB 48 group.
    Also please note that the operation method differs from the e-ticket introduced at NGT48 theater.
    · This application is not eligible for use at each theater performance of the AKB 48 group.

    · AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Please also check here also because there is an electronic ticket usage guide.
    Contact Information For inquiries concerning ticket reception, please contact AKB 48 Group Ticket Center, ticketing on electronic tickets and inquiries about the
    application to EMTG.
    · Inquiries concerning ticket reception: AKB 48 group ticket center
    · Inquiries concerning the electronic tickets: EMTG Co., Ltd. AKB 48 Group Ticket Center Management Office

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