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  • HKT48劇場公演 4/18,2016(Mon.)
    Important Introduction of pre-payment of tickets at the HKT48 Theater

    From Thursday, April 28, 2016, the HKT48 Theater will introduce a pre-payment ticket price that was introduced at the NGT48 Theater in January with the relocation of the performance base to Tenjin and Nishitetsu Hall, Fukuoka City.

    The details are as follows, thank you for your confirmation.

    ■ Ticket price pre-payment
    If you have been elected, you will be able to settle your credit card in advance from my page. * Credit card payment is not acceptable in theater information.
    (Credit card payment will be introduced only in advance settlement correspondence.)

    * In the same way as the old theater, you can pay by cash at the theater information on the day of performance.
    (1) You can apply for a credit card payment from my page after the announcement of the winner of the performance and application frame until 9pm on the day before the performance date.
    (2) Credit card settlement is a lump-sum settlement, including the ticket price of the accompanying person.
    (3) Credit card payment will be cancelled if the winner is canceled after the credit card has been settled. (4) After payment of credit card, cash payment cannot be made.
    Please understand it beforehand.
    (5) The customer who is waiting for the cancellation is not able to do the pre-payment (credit card settlement), as well as the AKB48 Group Theater, it will be paid in cash in the theater information. (6) If the amount is changed or cancelled after the credit card is settled, all settlement processing will be cancelled (partial settlement processing is not possible).
    For example, if you cancel a companion beforehand, the settlement, including the representative, will be cancelled, and you will not be able to settle the credit card again, so please pay in cash at the theater information on the day of the performance. (7) If you are suddenly unable to come to the concert day, please contact the theater staff. We will cancel your credit card payment, so please pay in cash.

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