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  • HKT48劇場公演 4/18,2016(Mon.)
    [Important] Introduction the ticket payment advance payment in the HKT48 Theatre

    HKT48 Theatre 4/28/2016 (Thursday) more performance based in Tenjin, Fukuoka and Nishitetsu Hall relocation due to, we will introduce a ticket on advance payments was introduced at the NGT48 Theatre in January.

    As more information is below, so please thank you.

    ? tickets advance payment information
    Was winning customers from my prior to credit card payments becomes possible. * Theater information is credit card payment is not possible.
    (Credit card payment is in advance payment for only)

    *, As well as the old Theatre on the day of performance at Theatre info payments in cash are available on.
    (1) after the election announcement submitted applications for performance and application frame-21 performances on the day before time and can credit card payments from my page.
    (2) credit card payments including companion ticket price, bulk payments.
    (3) If you cancel your election unavoidably after credit card payment, credit card payment is the revocation. (4) credit card payment after the changes for a cash payment is not possible.
    Please be forewarned.
    (5) advance payment (credit card) cannot receive visitors in a cancellation waiting to win customers, so groups each and as well of the AKB48 theater, theater information desk with cash payments. (6) credit card payment after the price change or undo to cancel all settlement work if (part payment processing is not possible).
    For example, settlement including representatives like: If you previously cancelled companion will cancel, receive again the credit card payment will not be able, on the day of performance at the theater information payment in cash please. (7) on the day of performances, came to your companion, please to the theatre staff. Credit card payments will be canceled, so please pay in cash.

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