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Welcome to AKB48 Group Ticket Center! The registration is free!

Enter your e-mail address

*Please allow to be received by your e-mail address.

You can apply for the performances and events of each AKB48 group theater through AKB48 Group Ticket Center.

Registeration of AKB48 group ID enables you to apply for performances and events of all the 5 theaters.

The result of your application is easy to see. Now you can buy your ticket with ease.

The list of performances where your Oshi-men(supporting member) will be
Your "My page" will show the performances where your Oshi-men(supporting member) will be! It's possible to receive an e-mail to know that. The reccommending function is being improved now.
Registration of your companions
Registration of the information of your companions will omit every manual entry of him/her.
Filtering performances of theaters
You can search something by each AKB48 group or by period.

Other than the official performances, you can apply for events, concerts and TV program audience.

* Some events are limited to "Nihonbashiranokai" or each mobile members.

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