For new comers

At AKB48 Group Ticket Center, you can apply for any theater performance, concert or event of AKB48 group.

You can apply for all the 5 theater events with one ID.

The situation of your application is now more easy to view. Buying ticket is now much more easy.

The list of performances where your Oshi-men(supporting member) will be
The performance where your Oshi-men(supporting member) will be will be shown in your ”My page” and notified you of via an e-mail. Recommendation function will be upgraded soon.
Registration of companion
Entering the information of your companion, you can save time to enter it each time.
Search theater performance
You can search performances by each AKB48 group or period.

Other than official performances of AKB48 group, you can apply for many events including concerts and TV program live viewing.

* Some events are limited to people of Nihonbashiranokai or each AKB48 mobile members.

Registration on AKB48 Group Ticket Center is from here:

About procedure of general members

Let's see the procedure of general members, who are not a dues-paying member of fan club sites (i.e., AKB48 Mobile, Nihonbashiranokai, NMB48 Mobile, HKT48 Mobile , NGT48 Mobile and STU Mobile).
Let us tell you how to register yourself on membership, how to apply for theater performances and how to check the result of your application on this site.

For more detail, please check here.
About procedure of dues-paying members

Let's see the procedure of dues-paying members of fan club sites (i.e., AKB48 Mobile, Nihonbashiranokai, NMB48 Mobile, HKT48 Mobile , NGT48 Mobile and STU Mobile).
Once you become a dues-paying member, you can use special applying type to apply for performances with any device.

You have not issued your ID?
Please check here.
If you have already issued your ID,
please check here.
映像倉庫会員権利登録のお手続きは こちら をご覧下さい。

※AKB48 Mobile、NMB48 Mobile、HKT48 Mobile、NGT48 Mobileのいずれかに入会し、有料会員権利登録を行われている場合に限りご利用頂けます。
詳しくは こちら をご覧ください。

※AKB48 Mobile、NMB48 Mobile、HKT48 Mobile、NGT48 Mobileのいずれかに入会し、有料会員権利登録を行われている場合に限りご利用頂けます。
詳しくは こちら をご覧ください。

詳しくは こちら をご覧ください。

About purchasing a ticket

You can apply for a ticket of AKB48 Group Theater performances here.
You can check the procedure of purchase from the followings.

About applying type and reception schedule

The reception schedule is different For Far-offs, Birth month, For insiders, For outsiders, For oversea, For Each AKB48 mobile members, For "Nihonbashiranokai", For Families and couples, For Ladies and kids, and For general people. Please check your case from below.

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