Common questions (About AKB48 Group Ticket Center)

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What is AKB48 Group Ticket Center?

It's a ticketing site where you can apply for all the theater performances of AKB48 group, concerts, events, and public viewing of some TV programs with one AKB48 group ID published at your registration. You can also check the result of the draw in your My page.

Does the registration charge money?

It's free. Only prerequisites are: you have a valid e-mail address, and you are over 5 years old.

Is different the procedure to be a fan club member from being a general member?

To be a general member of this site, all you have to do is publish AKB48 group ID.
If you want to be a fan club member, you have to register privilege on you ID at each fan club site. It charges some.
In order to regard you as a member of either of fan clubs, you have to access this site from each fan club site as an entrance.
Sorry to bother you, but please access this site from each special page of fan club sites from below.
Incidentally, you can register yourself on dues-paying membership if you publish AKB48 group ID at each fan club site.
After publishing your ID, you can register yourself on dues-paying membership later.

For members of ”Nihonbashiranokai", which is the official fan club of AKB48
Please access from the official site of Society of "Nihonbashiranokai". The Sign-in page is here:
- AKB48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
* Are you a user of the smart phone app? Please access this site from the top of the app.
- SKE48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
- NMB48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
- HKT48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
- NGT48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
- STU48 Mobile
- Please access from here.

Why do I need to have an e-mail address? Does a free e-mail address do?

You need an e-mail address to receive our message and notices.
A free e-mail address does well if you can receive our message by that.
Please allow to be received by your e-mail address.
We sometime hear that some of you can't receive the e-mail because of the filtering function for spam e-mails or security policy of the Internet service provider.
In that case, please consult the phone company or the provider directly.

Is AKB48 group ID an e-mail address?

It is not an e-mail address. It's an ID for our service and unchangeable.

Does AKB48 group service membership have quota or expiration?

No, it does not.

Should I be forced to resign or be kicked out?

In case that we think a person behaves wrongly or violates the terms and that the behavior continues in spite of our caution, the person may be.
Please keep the terms, privacy policy and other related matters of our site in mind and use correctly.
About the terms, please check here. About the privacy policy, please check here.

Is the registration available via a personal computer, cell phone or smart phone?

At the Japanese site Yes, it is available via any device.
However, for the procedure to register privilege on your ID as dues-paying member of a fan club, it's not. For example, if you are either of mobile members, you have to access the site from the device you used to be a dues-paying member.
If you are a member of ”Nihonbashiranokai", you have to use your PC.
After the registration of your privilege, you can use any device for the same service of AKB48 Group Ticket Center.
On overseas sites, you can use only from PC or smartphone.

Do we have to pay for the ticket by cash at the theater on the day?

You can pay with cash at the theater on the day of the performance or you can pay for the ticket by a credit card in advance.
For details about credit card payment in advance, please click here("Common questions(AKB48 theater)"、"Common questions(SKE48 theater)"、"Common questions(NMB48 theater)"、"Common questions(HKT48 theater)"、"Common questions(NGT48 theater)").

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please contact us.

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