Common questions (About ID, password or registered information)

About common questions and comments, you can check our answers.
Inquiry via e-mail may take some time, so please read the following beforehand.

I would like to change my AKB48 group ID easier to remember.

Sorry, we can't let you change your group ID. Please use the ID issued as it is.

I can't Sign in with my AKB48 group ID and password.

Check if you entered in capitals or small letters, full-width or half-width; Perhaps, NumLock key may have acted up.
Check the setting of your keyboard and re-enter your information.

I've forgotten my AKB48 group ID. What to do?

In the Sign-in screen, you can find "Forgot ID?" and you can make your group ID sent to your e-mail address from here. Please be careful to handle.

I've forgotten my password. What to do?

In the Sign-in screen, you can find "Forgot password?" and you can publish your new password from here by entering your e-mail address, group ID and birthday. Please be careful to handle.

After publishing my ID and password, I can't Sign in to register privilege on my membership.

Confirm your ID and password are latest. Check the e-mail to notice you of completion of your registration.
For your information, the following condition is the common causes of the trouble.
Your entry contains unnecessary space.
I (i's capital letter), l(L's small letter) and 1(one) are mistaken. Your device may display these three letters in the same way. Please try all the pattern if any.

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please contact us.

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