Common questions (about other difficulties of the procedure)

About common questions and comments, you can check our answers.
Inquiry via e-mail may take some time, so please read the following beforehand.

I've registered my e-mail address to be a member, but I've not received the e-mail reply.

Please confirm that the e-mail address you entered is correct again.
Please allow to be received by your e-mail address.
We sometime hear that some of you can't receive the e-mail because of the filtering function for spam e-mails or security policy of the Internet service provider.
In that case, please consult the phone company or the provider directly.

The site says "It's too crowded to access".

Sometimes, the site gets crowded for an avalanche of applications or something. Please try again later.
Incidentally, we draw lots to determine who wins seats and you can apply anytime during the reception period. No advantage for the first applier.

I can't Sign in via my cell phone or smart phone.

For better security, we updated to new server certificate on November 19th, 2015.
Thus, some phones have become unable to access the site.

During your Sign-in, a message like "Invalid SSL/TLS communication" or "The connection was disrupted" or nothing appears on the screen.

If you familiar with a situation like these, please change your device to access the site.

* Cell phones presented before 2009 or smart phones of Android 2.1 or older

The companies of cell phones and smart phones announced some devices may be affected by the shift of server certificate and they will conduct the update of the software for such devices to improve the situation.

You can check the detail from the below:
■ NTTdocomo
■ Softbank

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please contact us.

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