Common questions(About e-tickets)

About common questions and comments, you can check our answers.
Inquiry via e-mail may take some time, so please read the following beforehand.

Is the e-tickets available at any theater perforamance?

For theater performances, you can use NGT48 theater performances only.
On the day, please have this QR code read to check your visit, being in a line and entry to the theater.
Prior to visit, please prepare for the QR code on the screen of your device.
The screenshot or capture of the QR code is not valid.

Is the e-tickets available at any event and concerts?

There are event and concerts that you can use e-tickets and event concerts that you can't use.
Please confirm at the time of application because there is description of "receiving method" on the application page of each event and concert.
Electronic tickets for each event and concert can be used at "AKB48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application".

What is "AKB48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application"?

It is a service that allows you to enter an e-ticket and to enter with the ticketed e-ticket.
Please download the application and use it.
Please download the application from each store.
・The App Store is here
・Google Play here
AKB48 Group Ticket Center For details of the electronic ticket application, please refer to the usage guide of the application provider (Tixplus, Inc.).
AKB48 Group Ticket Center For inquiries about electronic ticket applications, please contact the application provider (Tixplus, Inc.) Customer Support

Is the "AKB48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application" available at everyone?

Please note that "AKB48 Group Ticket Center Electronic Ticket Application" has the following usage restrictions.

・AKB48 Group Ticket Center The electronic ticket application is 【Smartphone only】.
・※Although there is no question about the device terminal at the time of application, it is exclusively for smartphone as a ticketing function. (It is possible to receive the performance application at the feature phone terminal and receive the ticketing application on the smartphone terminal)
・Limited to smartphones with a call function, with mobile phone numbers contracted in Japan starting with 090, 080, 070 that can be connected to the Internet.
・You can use it on Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher (some smart phones are not compatible)
・It can not be used on the App Store, smartphone not compatible with Google Play, smartphone without SMS function, and cheap SIM smartphone provided with MVNO.
・Please note that it can not be used with personal computers, feature phones, tablet terminals, easy-to-use smartphones, and Garraho.

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please contact us.

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