Common questions (about application, winning, cancellation and reminders of the day of the performance [AKB48])

About common questions and comments, you can check our answers.
Inquiry via e-mail may take some time, so please read the following beforehand.

Does it violate the rule to apply for one performance as AKB48 mobile member and also as member of Society of "Nihonbashiranokai" at the same time?

No, as for AKB48 mobile membership and Society of "Nihonbashiranokai" membership, you can apply for one performance from the two from.
However, the number of seats one person can win is one per person.

The companion also should have his/her AKB48 group ID to apply?

No, companions does not have to have their ID.
Incidentally, when somebody with AKB48 group ID applies as representative, he/she can select the companion from the list of people who have accompanied him/her at least once.
If you have someone you frequently accompany, it saves time to register his/her information in advance.

When of performance is available?

It depends.
Please check "Applying type and reception schedule".

The applying type now available is not found.

You may access the site out of the reception period.
Please check the reception period of each applying type here.

I would like to know the schedule of the theater performances

Please see the monthly schedule from the "monthly schedule" on the TOP page.

I can't apply as AKB48 mobile member or member of "Nihonbashiranokai”.

You can check the status of your membership in your My page after Sign-in.
If the information of AKB48 mobile or "Nihonbashiranokai” is not displayed, the privilege of the membership is not valid now.
From AKB48 Mobile site or S "Nihonbashiranokai” site, please follow the procedure to register your privilege.

For members of ”Nihonbashiranokai", which is the official fan club of AKB48
Please access from the official site of Society of "Nihonbashiranokai". The Sign-in page is here:
- AKB48 Mobile
- Please access from here.
* Are you a user of the smart phone app? Please access this site from the top of the app.

How to cancel my application? By when should I do that?

Please follow the procedure from "Cancellation of application" of each performance in your "My page".
The theater performance can accept your cancellation by the day of the performance, but concerts and events can't accept after the applying period for some reasons related to payment or publish of the ticket.

I've not received my winning e-mail.

Sometimes the communication condition of the receiver, the setting of each company's block or something like that may prevent the e-mail from being received. Without the e-mail, if you can confirm that you've won a seat in Applying Situation (Win) of your My page, you have won a seat certainly.
Please check all the setting of your cell phone or Internet service provider, including security setting; if you are in a hurry, please check your status in your My page.

It's too crowded to access the site.

If too many accesses happen at the same time, you can't Sign in temporarily.
Please try again later.
You can apply anytime during the reception period.

Do the first comer have advantage to the lottery?

No, we draw lots after closing the reception.
No first come, first served.

What kind of procedure is the prior credit card settlement?

You have an option to pay for the ticket by your credit card from your "My page".
You can use your card during the announcement of the result of draw and 21:00 of the previous day of the performance.
The amount of payment by a card should contains all the prices of tickets, including those of your companions at once.
If you pay by your card, the operation is irreversible.
If you prefer not to use your card, you can pay for the ticket by cash at the theater on the day.
If you have won a seat standby, you can't use your credit card to pay for the ticket. Please pay at the theater by cash on the day.

I've won two seats but my companion couldn't make it. What should I do?

From "Cancellation of the book of your companion's" in your My page, please follow the procedure to cancel the application of your companion.
If you cancel the application from "Cancellation of application", the whole application will be cancelled. This operation is irreversible. Please be careful.
If your companion cancels his/her application and it left you one alone,
in case of "For families or couples" applying type, you can't buy the ticket alone.
And by any reasons, someone who is not the person who has applied can't buy a ticket or enter the theater.

Do I need the winning e-mail on the day of the performance?

No, you don't.
Please check your winning number and tell it at the information desk.

I've won a seat as far-off. What should I bring?

Please bring an identity verification document and some mail or parcel delivered to your current residence within 1 month past to see you are living actually far.
For the detail, please check here.

I've won a seat as oversea. What should I bring?

please bring a pasport.
For the detail, please check here.

I've won a seat but I use a wheelchair. Can I enter the theater with this?

You can watch the performance with your wheelchair. Please contact us in advance via e-mail or phone call.

TEL 03-5298-8648(Weekday 17:00 - 20:00 Weekend or holidays 12:00 - 19:30 *No fixed day off)

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please contact us.

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