Detail of theater performances


4/20,2019(Sat.) Start of performance:12:30〜
「Te Wo Tsunaginagara」

  Team TU
There is no frame that can be accepted.
Application time of the frame is here
※However, depending on the performance, it may differ from the normal reception hours, so please understand

In-person members

Misaki Aramaki,Maria Imamura,Ayaka Oda,Sae Kurihara,Moeka Sakai,Erena Sakamoto,Rio Shimizu,Ai Seki,Tomoka Takeda,Hazuki Hokazono,Hinata Matsumoto,Sono Miyazaki,Bibian Murakawa,Yuna Yamauchi,Emiri Yamashita,Hirona Unjo

Nishitetsu Hall
※ Please refrain from inquiring about the theater to the venue.

The price of the ticket

Adult Male: \3,100 / Adult Female and Sr. H.S. students: \2,100 / Elementary to Jr. H.S. students: \500 / Preschoolers: Free of charge
Adults: Male \ 3,100 / Female \ 2,100 / Elem. to Sr. H.S. students \ 2,100 / Pre-school children free of charge
* One preschool child will be accompanied by one person (more than adult) with one person. However, if you need a seat, you will be charged.
* For high school student male customers, if there is no presentation of a student ID card, it will be a general male fee.
※ Only cash payments in Japanese yen are accepted at the theater.

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