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Fuuko Yagura Graduation concert

4/4,2018(Wed.) Start of performance:18:30〜
Fuuko Yagura Graduation concert

The registration time has ended.


[Venue and date]
  4/4(Wen) OPEN:17:30 Start of performance:18:30

※Members by reasons such as poor physical condition, please note that there are times when it becomes non-participation.

[Schedule of reception and announcement of result]

●Sister groups member Previous release
Reception period: 2/14(Wed) 10:00 〜 2/18(Sun) 10:00
Seat types:
Reserved seat 6,800 yen
Announcement of result: 2/19(Mon) 17:00 or later
Announcement of the standby winners: 2/22(Thu) 17:00 or later

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